From Warli Painting by Shabbir

Master The Art of Warli

Warli the tribal art form is found in Thane District of Maharashtra. Located in Pahalgan and Dhanu (close to the border of Gujarat).

This creation of art form dates back to more than 2000 years. Similarity of this art is found in the rock caves of Madhya Pradesh. Its history can be traced to the Egyptian Pyramids and also the art style during the Mayan age. How it came to India is not known and its origin is a mystery.

Warli art became famous and is seen and appreciated all over the world.

The people of Warli are farmers. They cultivate rice and corn. They live a simple life, living in windowless huts coated with mud and cow dung. This gives a distinctive Terracotta color (Brick red). The painting is done with rice paste, using bamboo sticks as paint brush. Their houses are always divided into two parts, one is their living quarters and the other is for their animals (cows, goat, etc.) They give great importance to their cattle and livestock.

About this book

This is my first book in art. The book is a simple how-to guide on the ancient Indian art of Warli. It guides both children and adults in 22 easy steps, with how-to guides starting from simple structures all the way to a full warli painting.

I created the book based on my interactions with children and adults teaching them this meditative and ancient art form. I have also used this book in several workshops on Warli both in the US and in India.

Now you can create beautiful and narrative stories. Learn at your own pace. De-stress. Unleash your inner creative

A video tutorial from a fan

Workshops based on my book

Warli workshop for kids

Dallas, USA

September 2016

Warli workshop as part of artEast booth

Issaquah, USA

October 2016

Warli display during a visit to Microsoft

Bellevue, USA

November 2016

Warli workshop for kids, Northwest Art Center

Duvall, USA

December 2016

Warli workshop for adults, Nortwest Art Center

Duvall, USA

December 2016

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  • Artful Strokes, Contact: Visha Pai, (M) 98661 05907


My book is priced at INR 350.00 plus shipping and is available in soft-cover only.