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A Note On Patience in Children

Being patient is one of the most important qualities required in any field in work or school, play, being a parent, child, sibling etc.

We all go through different developmental stages in our lives. We first played a role of a new born baby then past through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and finally old age. Patience is required in all these stages. Babies have the least patience; they need immediate gratification of things like when they cry they need to be fed immediately. Children similarly throw tantrums if they want a certain toy to play with. Patience is not inherent but learnt. Parents can be the ideal role model for their children. It is through observing people that one learns to be patient. Children lack patience they want to satisfy or want immediate gratification of things. They throw tantrums because they want a chocolate immediately its only in time do we learn to become patient because we understand that if a 12 yr old boy screams and kicks it is socially disapproved behavior in society. There fore we learn to be patient. Why is it important to be patient?  Patience is a virtue. Through patience we learn the most important thing of not hasting up, thinking clearly about things.

When people fight they are angry they say few things and things get worse, but being patiently listening and then talking out the problem helps in more ways than one. Be it a parent talking to his son or a husband and wife fighting it is important that one is patient and gives the other a patient ear and then sort out the problem.

In studies its important to patiently sit with your books give your self time to understand your subjects instead of rushing through everything and not remembering anything at the end of it, rushing through your cooking or marketing will result in you forgetting important ingredients or important things that you require for cooking or marketing. Therefore patience is most essential and since it’s not an inherent trait it has to be developed.

- Najma Godhrawala